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Welcome to my Resources page! On here you will find the primary business opportunities, courses, tools, applications, gear, and products that I use and recommend. I will only ever recommend what is proven to work and provides real income potential. These are resources that my team members and I actually use and benefit from . Enjoy!


Some of the Most Transformational and Compelling Content I've Seen for Entrepreneurship and Personal Development is Inside My Top Premier Program, along with a Unique Powerful Industry Dynamic Commission Structure...

EXITUS ELITE: #1 Recommended Proven and Time-Tested Complete Business Program for Earning Consistent High Ticket Income (incl Training and Marketing Tools). Click Here for Details!

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B-EPIC: All-Natural pure health and wellness products, Amazing Results, Weight Management, Rejuvenating Sleep, Energy, Gut Health, plus powerful affiliate commission structure. Click Here to explore!


7 WAYS TO WIN: Learn the 7 Steps to Making Money Online on this immersive Video Journey with World Traveler and Founder of Heal. Click Here to take the journey!

DISCOVER HEAL: Heal is a community of people from all walks of life, all over the world, supporting each other in the process of business and personal development. Click Here to explore for free!

SOCIAL MEDIA CEO: Take Advantage of the Most Effective and Current Social Media Skills with a Top Industry Marketer and Learn to Build Your Empire Online. Click Here to find out exactly how!

YOUR 2020 ROADMAP TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Exact strategy newbies & struggling  business owners use to generate their first $1,000 and earn serious income. Click Here for details!

FREEDOM BIZ MARKETING ACADEMY: Training for new and seasoned marketers, social media, video marketing, lead generation methods, and more. Click Here to begin with Facebook training!


CLICKFUNNELS: The platform I run this site on, funnels, sales pages, membership sites, webinars, email opt-ins, and more on!  Get  a free 14-day trial and start building your site today by Clicking Here.

FACEBOOK MESSENGER CHATBOT: If you receive value based chatbot messages from me about webinars, trainings, etc, I'm using Many Chat. Click Here for info about how to sign up!


CRYPTO EDUCATION PLATFORM: Complete educational system and online affiliate business for aspiring and seasoned crypto entrepreneurs. Click Here to Earn while you Learn about the New Crypto Economy!

CRYPTO TRADING PLATFORM: Simple Community Crypto Trading Account earns you daily profits, plus Crypto Intro Training Modules. Click Here to Earn while you Learn about the New Crypto Economy!

COINBASE CRYPTO WALLET: Trusted crypto wallet and mobile app for buying, selling, storing and converting your crypto currency. Click Here to create your Free Account!

CRYPTO TOKEN WALLET WITH TRADING: Great way to store and invest your crypto currency and have it steadily grow with automated trading. Click Here to learn more and register!

BINANCE.US TRADING PLATFORM: For when you're ready to begin trading your crypto currency and manage your own investing activity. Click Here to get your Free Account!

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